Olnbogabörn & co.
, 2020
Coloured pencils and ballpoint pen on paper, A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm)
x 42 cm
81.000 kr.

Sigurður Ámundason works mostly with drawings and performances but uses several other art mediums in his practice, whether it is writing, photography, installations, video-art, sculpture or book-art.

Sigurðurs drawings are often very large scale (up to 2.5 meters wide) and made with coloured pencils and ballpoint pen on paper.

With his art he tries to deal with the limitations in human interactions and the anguish that can arrive from unexplored emotions, misunderstanding and vanity.

The artists often uses epic overly dramatic imagery, swords being dragged out of stone and screaming bloody and mutilated faces of doomed characters warped in brutalistic opera like structures to reflect the mundane human errors of daily life. Though the subject matter is more often than not grandiose they usually represent something miniature and personal, small victories blown up as great battles and casual mistakes as horrifying deformation.

Literature, symphonies, comic strips and cartoons, architecture and films have an immense effect on Sigurðurs art, as the works are emotional driven and have a sort of storytellers narrative.

By mixing humor and sadness, darkness and light, beauty and horror, romantic history and absurd present time the artist tries to confuse the viewer and mirror this existence that can, to say the least, be complicating and ambiguous.



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