Light Sculpture V

, 2022

Vintage lampshades

x 40 cm

A unique light sculpture, made entirely by hand from vintage lampshades by Michał Krochowiec. Michał Korchowiec is a visual artist, theatre set designer, and documentary director. Michał invented the light sculptures to cheer himself up during the lonesome pandemic depression. The light sculptures are made out of vintage, glass lampshades dating from the 1920s – to the 1980s. A combination of many unique glass elements creates stable and closed shape glass sculptures. Yet the shape of the object is as important as the unusual colours of the visible light. What’s at the heart of the objects are the coloured glass filters. Inspired partly by Rothkos colour field paintings, light sculptures made by Michał Korchowiec are absolutely unique. It has been proven that colourful light has healing properties, and helps to alleviate anxiety. Michał’s anthropomorphic sculptures embody the therapeutic in objects that take on the character of friendly sprites and spirits, or benevolent visitors from distant planets, delighting in living among the people of Earth. Their light is alive, and changes throughout the day and night according in tune with their ambience: for example, saturated yellows transform into a softer off-white at sundown, while other colours become sharper and brighter. That’s just the magic of human perception of light. The individual beauty of each element of the Light sculpture by Michał Korchowiec – often damaged by age and their history – compose a unique work of art. The lampshades are not perfect, sometimes they are scratched, sometimes crooked or deformed, and sometimes there is a little bit of paint left on them, but this is what makes them even more unique and beautiful. Their forms are familiar, they bring back good memories.
Michał Korchowiec (b. 1987) is a visual artist, theatre set designer, and documentary film director. He is the author and co-author of over a dozen Polish and foreign exhibitions featuring his paintings, video art, and installations. Since 2009 as a set and costume and light designer, he has been collaborating with various theatre directors in Poland, Iceland, Germany, and Japan. He is a recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s Creative Scholarship and the “Young Poland” scholarship, as well as a participant in the following art residency programs: Cafe Tissardmine – Art Residency (Morocco), Sim Art Residency Reykjavik or the “Sunday in the country” workshops in Rügen, European Film Academy.

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