Petit Art Prints

Our aim is to bring Contemporary Art into people’s everyday life.

The idea behind our Artist-run company is to make Contemporary Art accessible and affordable. We offer a carefully curated store with unique and original art prints by established and up-and-coming contemporary artists. Shopping our collection of art prints is a great way to start your own unique art collection.

We handpick each Artist for their unique style and approach to Art. All our Artists are active in their careers and have their works displayed in Museums and Galleries all around the world. With fair artist's commissions and sustainability as our guiding light, we plan to create a new platform for artists to earn from their creations.

Our company is based in two of the world's most creative cities: Berlin in Germany and Reykjavík in Iceland. In our collection, you will find a wide range of Icelandic and International Artists.

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Skráðu netfangið þitt hér og við sendum þér fleiri fáanleg verk. 


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