We are Listval

Elísabet Alma Svendsen

Owner & Director​

elisabet@listval.is | (+354) 694-6048

Helga Björg Kjerúlf

Owner & Director​

helga@listval.is | (+354) 693-3742

Daría Sól

Associate Director


Aðalheiður Alfreðsdóttir

Gallery Assistant


Listval – Art Gallery & Consultancy

Listval is an art gallery and consultancy in Reykjavík, Iceland. Established in 2019, Listval’s aim is to make making it easier for people to invest in and access art in Iceland. Listval has helped a number of institutions and companies in choosing new works, but also assisted individuals with their collections and the installation process.

Elísabet Alma Svendsen and Helga Kjerúlf have both worked across the field of art and design on various projects, bringing their wealth of experience, insight and connections with the art scene to Listval. They have been involved in a number of projects related to art, including gallery operations, publishing, the Venice Biennale and the promotion of Icelandic art internationally.

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If you have questions about individual works or are looking for a work by a specific artist, do not hesitate to contact us. We collaborate with a large number of artists and the main galleries in Iceland.

Listval provides service and advice on the selection of works of art for homes, companies and institutions.

Listval, Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík.

Elísabet Alma Svendsen

(+354) 694-6048

Helga Björg Kjerúlf

(+354) 693-3742


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