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Hallgrímur Árnason

Open Screens

Energy, spontaneity and a curious balance of calm and chaos characterize Hallgrímur Árnason’s work. The works examine Hallgrímur´s emotional and environmental states, his reactions to place and time shown through intense colors and forms that spring forth and spread. He allows the unexpected and the involuntary to take over. A thought becomes a movement, an action a thought, and one thing leads to another. We look into the chaotic world of the artist's mind, a relative existence, and let our minds wander, just as we forget our own place and time. 

Verk á sýningu

Ástin á tímum Corona / Love in the Time of Corona
mixed media
x 240 cm
Kollhnís, svefn og vaka – Somersault, sleep and waking
mixed media
x 175 cm
Í röngum réttum – troðið marvaðann / In wrong sheep roundups – treading the marshland
mixed media
x 180 cm
Viðrar vel til loftslagsbreytinga / A beautiful day for some climate changing
mixed media
x 162 cm
Vöngum velt um vangasvipi / Tossing doubts around the cheek’s edge
mixed media
x 130 cm
Þversagnahvutti – Fullur sjálfsefa en samt svo drull / The Pup of Contradiction – Full of self doubt, but still don’t give a shit
mixed media
x 135 cm

Hallgrímur Árnason (b. 1988) lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna f. ex. under the mentorship of Daniel Richter. Hallgrímur has participated in exhibitions abroad such as a group exhibition at the Icelandic Embassy in Vienna. Last February he opened his first solo exhibition in Vienna, Fehlerhaft [kœtlʏð]. The exhibition Open Screens is his first exhibition in Iceland.

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