Personal ServiceWhether you are looking for an artwork for a home, company or institution, we offer personal advice, based on the space. The service is tailored to each client‘s individual needs and taste and aims to create something valuable, be it financial, emotional or both.


The home is a special reflection of its owners. We listen, discover, guide and design the perfect flow and collection of personal artworks.

Corporate & Institutions

We create tailored art programs that activate your workplace to tell your brand story with artwork that inspires, elevates, and enlivens designed spaces.

Special Projects & Hotels

Listval works with your group to source, specify, purchase, and produce the art needed for the entire scope of your project.

Þjónustan okkarThrough our established relationships with artists, curators, non-profits and other art institutions, we ensure access to the highest quality works. We regularly survey galleries, artists' studios, art schools, and other outlets in order to educate and guide client purchases. We are pleased to work with individuals, collectors, corporations, architects, and interior designers on the following services:

Art Consulting & Advisory

Clients hire us to assist them in finding the perfect work of art for their home or office. We handle all aspects of the transaction, from vetting works of art to negotiating terms and discounts. We also identify under-valued artists and emerging talent, facilitating relationships among artists, curators, and dealers and commission new works.

Artist Studio & Gallery Visits

Visiting the artist in the studio is one of the best ways to understand their art-making practice. We coordinate studio visits with clients who are interested in learning more about an artist. We also schedule visits to galleries to view the exhibition and other relevant artwork available

Framing & Installation

Finding the perfect frame and having your artwork professionally installed are the final steps in ensuring that your artwork is presented in the best way possible, both aesthetically and from a conservation and safety stand point.

Art for everyoneTo many, choosing art can be an overwhelming task as the art scene is diverse and complex. There are numerous galleries, but even more artists outside galleries and it can be difficult to approach their art. Listval bridges the gap, connecting galleries and artists to clients who want to enjoy their art.

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