Kathy Clark

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Kathy Clark is an artist and curator living and working in Reykjavik since 2005. Her sculptures and mixed media installations involve fantasy and storytelling that are deep in symbolism while connecting to an invisible world and the inner and outer landscapes in which they take place. Her new work takes on a personal history, responding to the hardships, diaspora and discrimination her Korean grandmother, mother and herself have endured. She has been exhibiting her work in solo and group shows such as the Reykjavík Museum of Art, Hafnarborg Museum, The Reykjavík Art Festival and other art venues as well as exhibitions in her former home in California. Her work has been collected in various cities in America and Iceland. In addition, she curated Wind and Weather Window Gallery in Reykjavik from 2012-2021, exhibiting local artists through site-specific installations viewed from the street.
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